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Posted by Thanaboon

At the present, the significant environmental aspect and impact cause from the rapid growth of industries and community. Unusable material is one main root cause of it problem which are hazardous to environmental as well as public health.

Everyday we are hearing the trouble about environmental problems, the long term effect of the loss of our natural resources and pollution became a cause for concern by the public in general. During that time more and more illegally disposal were closed, some because of stricter environmental regulations and others because they were filled

They were asked to formulate long-term plans for trash disposal. These plans ranged from construction of resource recovery facilities to out-of-state disposal of waste. All of the options would be costly and would have to be carefully reviewed to make sure they were economically feasible and environmentally sound.

No matter which alternative are chosen, the ability to maximize those alternatives has to be stressed. Before we even think about trash disposal we must think about ways to recycle, prevent or minimize the toxicity and/or quantity of waste generated, and how to recycle these materials for our resource sustainable.

The future of our country and the global means changing our habits, so that each of us can help to maximize the overall waste management efforts.

Because the costs for collection, processing, promotion and administration for disposal increased and the prices paid for disposal fluctuated, but if we change from disposal to recycle instead, we can get revenue gained from the sale of collected recyclables started to go to offset program costs, this profit is still lower than the fees charged at the landfill for dumping these materials.

Add in the environmental benefits such as reduced pollution and conservation of resources, as well as saving landfill space for other, non-recyclable materials and “recycling is the clear winner”