Company Strategic Management

Posted by Thanaboon

Strategy      : To build long-term partnerships with our customers. With their support, we aim to maximize the potential of our business, through a combination of enhances quality of service, providing rapid, efficient and customized and commodities scarp trading, recycling services and recycling consulting.
Goal           : To identify and satisfy our customers need profitably.
Mission       : To serve our customers with specialized knowledge and extensive network of suppliers in the recycling industry, in the process eliminating multilayered broker transections and saving our customers time and money.
Purpose and philosophy : Siam P.K. Plus Co., Ltd. will grow in highly competitive environment by being consumer, market and competition driven in our core business : recycling of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastics, wooden, paper and related transportation services.
We will operate with philosophy which more than ensures quality products and services at fair prices. In short, we will be a “high performance company” in all our activities and transactions.
We always understand high performance as a combination of quality and high achievement.